Mission highlights
And ground needs to be transported, to and fro. Dams and generation plants, roads and railways, water supply networks and urban subway systems have something in common: large inflows and outflows of materials. Concrete, gravel, bricks and steel – and, of course, waste to be disposed of.

We take charge of this part of the job: thanks to their flexibility of use, robustness and easy on-site repairability, our trucks and dumpers assure maximum efficiency and an extraordinary uptime ratio.


Astra for Construction
ASTRA machines support construction works along all phases, from site preparation to earth removal, from material handling to mud (or snow) sweeping.

High torsional rigidity and a simple mechanical and electronic architecture make our vehicles perfect for all transformations: they can be equipped with tanks, concrete mixers, pumps, tippers and cranes.

In order to further improve mechanical strength, the new HD9 range features as standard increased-size steering linkages and cast iron rear suspension shoulders with the ASTRA-exclusive “Power Ring” rear tandem lower cross bar.

The wide choice of ASTRA machines available for hard construction sites is completed by the dumper range. Together, the HD, HHD, RD and ADT product lines fulfil any transport need for the construction of dams, roads, bridges and power generation plants in the most remote areas of the world.

No matter where, and how heavy the load: we’ll be there.


Astra in Action


HD9 range


Up to 4 axles

Up to 8×8

Up to 560 hp

Up to 300 t GCW

HHD9 range


Up to 4 axles

Up to 8×8

Up to 540 hp

Up to 400 t GCW