Mission highlights
Some loads are too heavy, or too big, to be transported on a standard truck. Turbines, boilers, bridge beams and other architectural or industrial components are huge – and indivisible. In order to move them, special vehicles are required, powerful enough and equipped for hauling or hoisting large items. We do such vehicles.


Astra for Heavy Haulage
ASTRA extra-reinforced steel structure provides unparalleled loading capacity to satisfy the most demanding requirements of towing missions.

Our HD9 offers an ample range of traction solutions, from the simple (and strong) 6×4 to the ultra-stable 8×6 and 8×8 versions – all of them rigid or tractor, with single, double or sleeper cab.

HD9 engines offer a maximum power output of up to 560 hp, and can be equipped with increased-size radiators and additional cooling systems for hot climates. The versatile and robust driveline includes torque converter gearboxes and extra-strong driving axles (up to10 t front, 20 t rear).

Trucks can be specified with extra-wide tires, special towing hooks, reinforced cross members and high-capacity fuel tanks.  Tailor-made transformations are performed directly in our factory to guarantee the highest quality standards.

Everything is designed to perform well (and last) with high-haulage vehicle combinations up to 400 t.

When the challenge is taken to the extreme, then ASTRA comes into play.


Astra in Action


HD9 range


Up to 4 axles

Up to 8×8

Up to 560 hp

Up to 300 t GCW

HHD9 range


Up to 4 axles

Up to 8×8

Up to 540 hp

Up to 400 t GCW