Mission highlights
Mine and quarry operators need not a single product, but a complete range to manage stripping, extraction, transportation and reclamation. Different equipment is necessary for different tasks.

No site is equal to another for material type, location and access route – but all require vehicles of exceptional robustness, capable to carry heavy loads of mineral ore and waste rock in extreme conditions.

Astra for Mining
ASTRA designs and builds tailor-made off-road trucks, dumpers and special vehicles to perform the most demanding mining tasks.

Our specialized HD9 and HHD9 maximize productivity with their high-standard load capability (up to 60 t and above). In order to face the most challenging terrains, it offers traction configurations from 4×2 to 8×8 (also including 4×4, 6×4, 6×6, 8×4 and 8×6 versions).

Driveline combinations include high-torque engines coupled with either semi-automatic or automatic gearbox, and reinforced axles to tackle the steepest uphill and downhill slopes.

Our machines work in the very heart of operations, with tailor-made solutions to perform all mining tasks: the ASTRA range encompasses dumpers, crane-equipped service trucks for on-site material handling, water tanks for the preparation of the job site, off-road vehicles for people transport, off-road train combinations (with a maximum 400-ton GCW capability) and more.

Short- and long-distance routes can be covered on rough, rocky, sandy and muddy terrain thanks to extra-size tires and heavy-duty suspension systems.

Our mission is to go further, farther and deeper.


Astra in Action


HD9 range


Up to 4 axles

Up to 8×8

Up to 560 hp

Up to 300 t GCW

HHD9 range


Up to 4 axles

Up to 8×8

Up to 540 hp

Up to 400 t GCW