Mission highlights
Oil & gas are not a resource unless they are extracted, refined, channelled and distributed. To carry them from (and to) the most remote locations, thousand of kilometers of pipelines must be constructed – crossing borders, climbing over mountains, spanning through different climate zones. In doing so, any kind of terrain and obstacle is encountered.

Building these infrastructures is one of the most difficult jobs on the planet – and this is why they call us.


Astra for Oil & Gas
ASTRA machines are designed to travel and operate in the most unfavorable weather, driving the worst off-road tracks. Ample radiator surfaces and additional heat exchangers make engines withstand even the highest temperatures – while special cables can be adopted for extreme cold. Large-diameter wheels (with automatic inflation system on request) maximize floatability, grip and maneuvering on soft surfaces. The extraordinary robustness of our chassis frame allows the fabrication of extra-long wheelbases of more than 6.000 mm to transport pipes and drilling shafts. Snorkels and high-efficiency air filters make work possible in water, mud and sand.

Optional features include fully automatic or manual (with torque converter) gearbox solutions, winter kit and cab pressurization to protect the crew from temperature and dust.

Drive configurations are available up to 8×8 (including the 2.9 m-wide HHD version) for full traction and control also on irregular and slippery ground.

We start where others stop.


Astra in Action


HD9 range


Up to 4 axles

Up to 8×8

Up to 560 hp

Up to 300 t GCW

HHD9 range


Up to 4 axles

Up to 8×8

Up to 540 hp

Up to 400 t GCW