Mission highlights
ASTRA can design and produce a vehicle never seen before: exactly the one you need.

ASTRA vehicles and machines are built around a double “C” rail straight side member structure, to guarantee robustness and make transformations easier. All can be provided in tipper or chassis cab version, or tailor-made to your specifications.

Optional equipment includes a wide range of configurations (partial or total drive, drum or disc front brakes, manual, automated or torque-converter transmissions) and heavy-duty features (reinforced  front axles, ceramic clutch, LED rear lights, rotating beacons and many more).

Your extra-ordinary requests are the norm for us.


Fire-fighting vehicles are highly customized depending on the duty they will be performing: their mission requires heavy equipment such as ladders, platforms, water tanks and pumps.

On our vehicles, easy installation of superstructures is guaranteed by the strong chassis and frame components. The rear suspension system is supported by the “Power Ring” tandem lower cross bar, while the reinforced front axle can reach up to 10 ton payload.

Thanks to high-torque and high-power engines (coupled with fully automatic transmission) ASTRA can provide excellent on-road and off-road mobility and high speed to face emergency. Strong mechanics and a simple electronic technology guarantee reliability and easy serviceability in all conditions.


Landfill sites require special vehicles for excavation, waste disposal and reclamation. To operate efficiently and in full safety, they need to be large-wheeled and guarantee high ground clearance for mobility on rough terrain.

ADT dump trucks are most suitable for this mission: the double spherical bearing of the articulation  joint allows 360-degrees oscillation of the rear frame, and permanent 6×6 traction provides very good maneuverability on soft soil. 45° turning angles (left and right) are made possible by double-effect steering cylinders. Tires up to 650/65 R25 are available to ensure high floatability on faulty ground.

In order to transport heavy loads and to be easily transformed, ADTs feature a extremely robust high-tensile steel chassis with extruded rectangular side members. Cast instead of welded components are used in all critical areas.


ASTRA vehicles can be specially equipped for forestry maintenance and timber transportation. ADT 30 and total traction HD9 and HHD9 machines (mainly 6×6 for maneuverability reasons) offer a wide range of wheelbases and overhangs to suit all logging applications. Their chassis is designed to be equipped with the most complex superstructures, and their high ground clearance ensures mobility also on uneven terrain.

Optionals include a wide range of tire sizes and specifications, winter kits to face difficult climate conditions and intarder to improve braking performance when traveling downhill fully loaded.


ASTRA vehicles for defence are mainly used for logistic missions – where mobility in bad weather and on difficult terrain is key. Off-road know-how and on-the-ground experience make our machines a benchmark in stability, reliability and safety – also in emergency situations.

Chassis, suspension and axle components can be further reinforced to provide maximum payload and towing capacity. High-torque and high-power engines can be combined with fully automatic transmission to ease the driver’s task.

A high level of customization is available, that includes the installation of special high-pulling capacity winches, additional cooling systems and a wide range of non-standard tires (together with an automatic tire inflation system). All components conform to military standards.


Astra in Action


HD9 range


Up to 4 axles

Up to 8×8

Up to 560 hp

Up to 300 t GCW

HHD9 range


Up to 4 axles

Up to 8×8

Up to 540 hp

Up to 400 t GCW